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In-house Programs

Tailor-made programs for your team

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Executive Education

Create a market-leading strategy


Business Model Innovation

Re-design your business model

Design-driven transformation

How to design and train a culture where creativity, innovation, & people thrive. It is not about management skills anymore. It is about design, creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

It is about embracing uncertainty. I will take your team on a journey where they will solve problems through the multiple lenses and learn how to design business. I teach design practices, tools, and how to orchestrate collaborative projects. The goal is to realise simple changes that make a culture shift stick.

Now, imagine a world where we all wake up excited to go to work. Excited because it’s a safe place to thrive. Culture, risk & politics no longer hold people back. And people are consistently aligned with a larger vision and purpose.

In-house Programs

A new way of working is needed in this fast-changing world. I work with organizations to scope, create and deliver tailormade programs and workshops to meet your specific, strategic needs and make sure you and your team take another step in a new way of working.

I can design 1–3 day training programs in which I create a full learning experience. Think about service design, business model innovation, how to apply design thinking to your organization.

Your teams will enjoy using a framework that helps them to create a strategic direction quickly.

Together with you, we will explore the future and generate a shared view based on where your organization should be heading. I will create a clear strategic roadmap and will bring your vision and strategy to life that will engage with the larger organization.

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